How IBM’s X-Force provides Zero Day Prevention | Top 5 X-Force Features explained

Zero Day Prevention

Hackers Beware: X-Force gives Zero Day Prevention In Its Tracks With This Genius Move; Attention all cybercriminals, your days are numbered thanks to the brilliant minds behind X-Force’s latest security triumph. The team has outsmarted another potential zero-day attack, leaving hackers scrambling to find a new vulnerability to exploit. But what exactly did they do … Read more

Okta Brings Authentication to Encrypted Zoom Meetings | Top 5 Okta Authentication benefits Explained

Okta authentication for Zoom meetings

Here’s How to Keep Your Team Safe When Using Okta Authentication for Zoom Meetings. The use of video conferencing tools like Zoom has exploded as more and more people across the world continue to work remotely. Yet, there are now more security dangers associated with this newfound convenience. Thankfully, adding Okta authentication to your Zoom … Read more

Blockchain Security: Understanding and Protecting Against Attacks | Top 10 blockchain security companies | 40 Best practices for Blockchain attacks safety

blockchain security companies Blockchain attacks

In recent years, blockchain technology and  Blockchain Security companies have gained popularity as safe and decentralized methods of data storage and transfer. A blockchain is fundamentally a distributed digital ledger that is accessible through a network of computers. The chain’s blocks each include a number of transactions, and once a block has been included in … Read more