Healthcare Cybersecurity SOS: Essential Strategies You should Know Now

Healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare cybersecurity is crucial like never before, as medical facilities face siege from sophisticated cybercriminals. The healthcare industry is under mounting risk of disruptive attacks including ransomware, data breaches, and weaponization of vulnerable IoT devices. Improving healthcare organization data security requires a multilayered approach. IT teams must identify and close security gaps spanning legacy systems, … Read more

OpenAI privacy concerns | OpenAI’s Privacy Nightmare: EU Slams ChatGPT Over Personal Data Concerns

OpenAI privacy concerns

OpenAI privacy concerns are in the spotlight as the company faces intense scrutiny in the EU over Poland launching an investigation into potential GDPR violations by ChatGPT. The probe centers around complaints that OpenAI failed to correct false information and provided “evasive” answers about how personal data is used to train its AI systems. This … Read more

Security as a Service: The #1 Secret to Protecting Your Business | Including best Practices

Security as a Service

Security as a service (SECaaS) provides powerful cybersecurity protection for small businesses at an affordable price. With security as a service, small companies can stop wasting time and resources trying to manage security in-house and instead leverage the technology and expertise of seasoned security professionals. With advanced threat protection powered by the cloud, security as … Read more

5 Unbelievable Ways to Transform Your OT Security Overnight

OT Security

OT security is more crucial than ever with the rise of smart factories and interconnected operational technology systems. As operational technology becomes increasingly networked and reliant on automation, new security risks emerge. From compromised industrial control systems to hacked SCADA devices, threats to OT can lead to severe disruptions and safety issues. Implementing robust OT … Read more

Best practice for Cyberdefense Exercises | Defeat Cyberattacks with these 7 Unconventional Cyberdefense Exercises

Cyberdefense Exercises

Cyberdefense exercises are vital for building robust defenses against ever-evolving cyber threats. As hackers deploy increasingly sophisticated attacks against networks and data, organizations must regularly test and update their security protocols. Well-designed cyberdefense exercises equip personnel to detect, analyze, and respond to cyberattacks with speed and precision. By simulating real-world security incidents in a controlled … Read more

Sensitive Data Discovery: Uncover Your Organization’s Sensitive Data in Just 5 Steps

Sensitive Data Discovery

Sensitive data discovery is critical for organizations of all sizes looking to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and prevent data breaches. With more data generated each day, sensitive information can easily get lost in the shuffle without the right tools. That’s why implementing sensitive data discovery is emerging as a top priority. Sensitive data discovery solutions … Read more

Digital Security: The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Yourself Online

Digital Security

Digital security is more important today than ever before. With data breaches, online fraud, and identity theft at an all-time high, safeguarding your digital life has become imperative. AI-powered solutions are revolutionizing digital security by leveraging advanced technologies like machine learning and biometrics. Companies like Trust Stamp are leading this wave of innovation by developing … Read more

Enterprise Cybersecurity Market 2023: You Won’t Believe What Experts Are Predicting

Enterprise Cybersecurity Market

The enterprise cybersecurity market is poised for massive growth by 2030 according to the latest jaw-dropping industry report. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated every day, forward-thinking businesses need to re-evaluate their network and data security strategies for 2023 and beyond. Gone are the days when a basic anti-virus program provided sufficient protection. Enterprise cybersecurity experts … Read more

NAC ZTNA solutions | Unlock the Power of NAC ZTNA for Bulletproof Network Security

NAC ZTNA solutions

NAC ZTNA solutions are revolutionizing protection against escalating cyber threats. Your network is under siege. With cyberattacks growing in sophistication, organizations need every advantage to lock down their environments. That’s where this revolutionary technology comes in. NAC ZTNA synergizes network access control (NAC) and zero trust network access (ZTNA) to deliver unparalleled security. Let’s examine … Read more