NAC ZTNA solutions | Unlock the Power of NAC ZTNA for Bulletproof Network Security

NAC ZTNA solutions are revolutionizing protection against escalating cyber threats. Your network is under siege. With cyberattacks growing in sophistication, organizations need every advantage to lock down their environments. That’s where this revolutionary technology comes in. NAC ZTNA synergizes network access control (NAC) and zero trust network access (ZTNA) to deliver unparalleled security. Let’s examine the immense power of NAC ZTNA and how Deloitte is leveraging it to help clients fortify their networks.

Genians is spearheading innovation in the NAC ZTNA space with its best-in-class, cloud-managed solution. By converging NAC and ZTNA into a single platform, Genians grants granular control over every device attempting access while providing a true zero-trust approach.

Master the Essentials of NAC ZTNA

NAC ZTNA integrates network access control (NAC) and zero trust network access (ZTNA) to provide comprehensive protection. Here are the key essentials to master:

  • NAC builds a trusted network by identifying devices, and users, and establishing access policies. It checks device posture before granting network access.
  • ZTNA assumes no implicit trust. It authenticates and authorizes users per session, not network.
  • Together, NAC ZTNA enhances visibility into users, devices, and traffic while enabling granular access control.
  • Key capabilities include real-time monitoring, micro-segmentation, identity/context-based access, and preventing lateral movement.
  • NAC ZTNA solutions like Genians offer single-pane-of-glass management across on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Deloitte leverages NAC ZTNA as a critical element of Zero Trust architecture for clients.
  • Implement NAC ZTNA to achieve continuous monitoring, least privilege access, and proactive security.


Adopt a Bulletproof NAC ZTNA Strategy

Follow these best practices to craft a resilient NAC ZTNA strategy:

  • Assess infrastructure and create a roadmap for incremental implementation
  • Establish NAC first to gain device visibility and control then layer on ZTNA
  • Integrate NAC ZTNA with existing security tools via APIs for unified policies
  • Leverage user/device profiling and machine learning by solutions like Genians
  • Enforce least privilege principles with micro-segmentation and encryption
  • Implement two-factor authentication and single sign-on
  • Create access policies based on user roles and device/connection context
  • Continuously monitor traffic across endpoints and network for threats
  • Maintain always-updated device hygiene through posture checks
  • Control third-party contractor access via private VLANs
  • Work with a partner like Deloitte to optimize your NAC ZTNA deployment


Supercharge Your Defenses with NAC ZTNA

Adopting NAC ZTNA can supercharge defenses by:

  • Providing complete visibility into users, devices, and activities
  • Automating threat response with SOAR/SIEM integration
  • Minimizing attack surface via micro-segmentation
  • Eliminating lateral movement with Zero Trust access
  • Detecting and blocking known and unknown threats
  • Achieving continuous compliance monitoring
  • Simplifying IT with a single integrated solution
  • Accelerating digital transformation securely
  • Protecting on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Overcoming security stack complexities and gaps
  • Enabling proactive security vs. reactive approaches
  • Leveraging powerful AI/ML capabilities for smart protection
  • Future-proofing the business as cyber threats evolve

With Genians’ pioneering NAC ZTNA platform and Deloitte’s expertise, organizations can achieve robust cyber resiliency.

NAC ZTNA solutions
NAC ZTNA solutions

Unlock the Power of NAC ZTNA for Bulletproof Network Security

BenefitsHow NAC ZTNA Delivers
Complete visibilityScans and profiles all devices accessing the network to provide real-time inventory and behavior analytics
Granular access controlChecks device posture and sets dynamic, identity-based access policies to minimize attack surface
Rapid threat responseIntegrates with security stacks like SIEM/SOAR for automated containment and remediation
Proactive protectionContinuously monitors users, devices, and traffic to detect Indicators of Compromise and anomalies
Bulletproof Zero TrustAuthenticates all sessions, encrypts traffic, and prevents lateral movement
Simplified architectureConverges NAC and ZTNA capabilities into a single unified solution for reduced complexity and TCO
Always-on complianceEnforces least privilege and micro-segmentation for continuous audit readiness
Future-proof securityLeverages cloud delivery, AI/ML, and market-leading innovation by Genians to stay ahead of threats


Achieve Holistic Protection with Genians’ Integrated NAC ZTNA Capabilities

Genians NAC ZTNA delivers comprehensive protection across:

  • On-premise and cloud environments via unified policies
  • Managed and unmanaged devices by discovering, profiling, and posturing
  • Encrypted and unencrypted traffic through inline inspection
  • Web, cloud apps, and private applications via granular access controls
  • Existing security infrastructure by integrating via APIs and microservices
  • Identities, devices, and connections via contextual policies
  • Continuously evolving attack techniques leveraging multilayered defense

With unmatched visibility, least privilege access, proactive threat detection, and rapid response powered by SOAR playbooks, Genians enables holistic NAC ZTNA protection.


Gain 24/7 Peace of Mind by Leveraging Deloitte’s Cutting-Edge NAC ZTNA Expertise

Partnering with Deloitte allows gaining 24/7 peace of mind through:

  1. Proven success deploying Genians NAC ZTNA for Fortune 500 clients
  2. Helping assess infrastructure, create roadmaps, and optimize implementations
  3. Leveraging NAC ZTNA as a critical Zero Trust component
  4. Ensuring integrations with other security and network solutions
  5. Providing ongoing management, monitoring, and incident response
  6. Regularly tuning policies and configurations for effectiveness
  7. Staying on top of threat intelligence, vulnerabilities, and updates
  8. Delivering NAC ZTNA expertise as-a-service backed by cybersecurity leadership
  9. Helping demonstrate continuous compliance and audit readiness
  10. Future-proofing NAC ZTNA deployments against evolving threats

With Deloitte’s cutting-edge capabilities, NAC ZTNA implementations deliver robust, resilient protection.


Stay 10 Steps Ahead of Hackers with a Proactive NAC ZTNA Security Framework

A proactive NAC ZTNA approach allows staying ahead of threats by:

  • Assuming breach and designing to mitigate the impact
  • Segmenting network with least privilege principles fully applied
  • Closely monitoring user behavior analytics for anomalies
  • Leveraging threat intelligence to identify Indicators of Compromise
  • Regularly conducting attack simulations for gap identification
  • Automating containment of compromised endpoints instantly
  • Providing remote, contextual access controls with ZTNA
  • Continuously scanning managed and unmanaged devices
  • Maintaining always-updated device hygiene status
  • Dynamically adapting access policies as new threats emerge
  • Using deception technology to confuse adversaries
  • Encrypting traffic end-to-end to prevent snooping
  • Integrating with proactive tools like UEBA and deception
  • Retaining forensic data to support rapid incident response

With Deloitte’s help, NAC ZTNA serves as the foundation for building a proactive security framework able to thwart advanced attacks.


With cyber threats growing daily, the stakes have never been higher for locking down network access. NAC ZTNA provides a revolutionary approach to securing organizations by unifying network access control and Zero Trust principles. As pioneers in the NAC ZTNA space, Genians delivers a proven, cloud-managed platform that helps implement least privilege access, detect anomalies, and enable automated response.

By leveraging Genians’ capabilities and Deloitte’s integration expertise, companies can truly achieve robust, resilient protection aligned with a Zero Trust framework. The time is now to evaluate how NAC ZTNA can become the backbone of your cybersecurity strategy. Don’t wait for a breach – proactively defend your network and data with Genians and Deloitte.

NAC ZTNA solutions
NAC ZTNA solutions


Q: What is NAC ZTNA?

A: NAC ZTNA integrates network access control (NAC) and zero trust network access (ZTNA) to provide continuous visibility, granular access control, and proactive security for modern networks.

Q: How does NAC ZTNA enhance security?

A: NAC ZTNA minimizes attack surface by only allowing verified users on compliant devices to access specific applications. It prevents lateral movement and encrypts traffic to enable Zero Trust.

Q: Is NAC ZTNA difficult to implement?

A: With the right expertise like Deloitte, NAC ZTNA can be implemented incrementally to work with existing infrastructure. Cloud-managed solutions like Genians also simplify deployment.

Q: What are the benefits of Genians for NAC ZTNA?

A: Genians provides an integrated, leading NAC ZTNA platform with unified policies, AI/ML capabilities, and automation integrations. This enables holistic protection.

Q: How can Deloitte help with NAC ZTNA?

A: Deloitte has proven success deploying Genians’ NAC ZTNA for Fortune 500 companies. Their expertise allows organizations to optimize and future-proof their implementations.

Golden Quotes for NAC ZTNA solutions:

“Prevention is ideal, but detection is a must.”


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