Healthcare Cybersecurity SOS: Essential Strategies You should Know Now

Healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare cybersecurity is crucial like never before, as medical facilities face siege from sophisticated cybercriminals. The healthcare industry is under mounting risk of disruptive attacks including ransomware, data breaches, and weaponization of vulnerable IoT devices. Improving healthcare organization data security requires a multilayered approach. IT teams must identify and close security gaps spanning legacy systems, … Read more

AWS Security integration | How We Cut Our Cloud Security Costs by 47% with AWS Integration

AWS Security integration

AWS security integration is the #1 cloud security tactic on every CISO’s mind in 2023, with breaches surging over 80% in cloud environments last year. However, hasty AWS integration without the right strategy can sink your security. Here are 3 fatal AWS security integration mistakes to avoid, and how to integrate AWS the right way … Read more

Enterprise Cybersecurity Market 2023: You Won’t Believe What Experts Are Predicting

Enterprise Cybersecurity Market

The enterprise cybersecurity market is poised for massive growth by 2030 according to the latest jaw-dropping industry report. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated every day, forward-thinking businesses need to re-evaluate their network and data security strategies for 2023 and beyond. Gone are the days when a basic anti-virus program provided sufficient protection. Enterprise cybersecurity experts … Read more

Shocking: 99% of Businesses Lack This Essential Deception Technology in 2023

Deception Technology

In 2023, deception technology is absolutely critical for businesses and organizations hoping to protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber attacks. With data breaches now costing companies an average of $4.35 million per incident, and global cybercrime damages set to hit $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, the stakes have never been higher. The good news? … Read more

Best 21 OT Cybersecurity Practices Manufacturers Must Follow Immediately

OT Cybersecurity

OT Cybersecurity has become a ticking time bomb for manufacturers. Legacy industrial control systems and simplistic “air gap” thinking have left operational networks highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Threat actors are now sophisticated enough to breach industrial controls and wreak real havoc. The real-world impacts of an attack on critical infrastructure like manufacturing OT could be … Read more

The 10 Best Data Protection Tips to Shield Your Data from Cybercriminals

Data Protection

In today’s digital landscape, robust data protection practices are more crucial than ever for organizations of all sizes. As cyber threats grow more sophisticated and regulations tighten, companies that fail to implement adequate data protection measures leave themselves vulnerable to devastating breaches, costly fines, and lasting reputational damage. By making data protection a top priority … Read more