What is cyber security for Kids, Youth ? | Cyber security awareness for students | Best top 10 Cyber security tips for Students

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Cybersecurity is becoming a more crucial issue for everyone in the modern world, including pupils in schools. Though they might be more tech-savvy than older generations, young people can also be more open to internet dangers. Schools should give pupils the information and resources they need to stay safe online because of this. We’ll examine … Read more

What is financial cyber crime & cyber fraud? | What are online financial transactions in cybercrime? | Best top10 Cyber crime education

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Any information utilized to get a profit-driven activity that may result in fraud relating to money-making, identity fraud involving ransomware attacks, credit card or debit card information, attempts to obtain financial account information, and email and internet fraud. Financial cybercrime is the practice of defrauding members of the public in order to obtain money through … Read more